[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVIII - Into The Heart Of Darkness - Owen, Ted, Sia, Alister and Louissa

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> [GM]
> Ted dives beneath the surface, followed by Owen.  The water is
> incredibly murky, and seeing is quite difficult, no more than a
> two or three feet, particularly with all the disturbance from the
> attack.
> For about ten or fifteen feet, the water is no more than about five
> feet deep, but then, quite suddenly, it drops off and there seems to
> be no bottom in sight.  It seems an impossible rescue in these
> conditions, but then, suddenly, perhaps twenty feet below the surface,
> there's a layer of clear water that, judging by the buoyancy, must be
> saline.  Ted's light easily illuminates the flailing figure of
> Louissa, held fast by a tentacle that seems to be coming from a large
> cave opening at the bottom of the swamp, some sixty feet below the
> surface!
> [/GM]

>> [Ted]
>> ~This better not be Cthulhu~, Ted thinks to himself as he changes
>> direction and kicks with renewed determination to rescue Louissa.
>> [/Ted]

> [Owen]
> Realizing that speed is now more important, Owen will move as
> quick as he can to follow Ted into the deep.
> [/Owen]

Ted and Owen race towards Louissa.  Ted's greater physical
strength is an advantage here, and he gains more distance than
Owen, but the tentacle is faster than either and before either
can reach her, Louissa and the tentacle have disappeared into the

In a few moments, Ted and Owen reach the mouth of the cave.
Some slight illumination is offered by some strange glowing
underwater algae.  There is cold, salty water rushing out of the
cavern, making swimming much more difficult.

And then it's there, the tentacle, stretching back into the cavern
beyond site.  Louissa dangles, now unmoving, in the grip of a
tentacle that, while relatively slender at its end, quickly becomes
as thick as a large tree, and at the edge of sight, maybe larger
than that.

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