[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter I

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"So, Resisitance is Futile?"  Owen will move to disarm and incapacitate the guard, to keep her from reporting.  "Anyone have any rope?"


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> >> [GM]
> >> "I don't think that will be possible." the woman says. She flings
> >> the door shut and simply stands there. After a moment or two
> >> everyone hears a strange hissing coming from an air vent in the
> >> wall, and barely visible orange gas begins to come through. There
> >> is the faint smell of lemons.
> >> 
> >> "Don't worry." she says. "You will all be fine in a few minutes
> >> now. Then you can meet the Captain."
> >> [/GM]
> > [Alex]
> > Thinking the woman is pretty stupid, Alex pops the faceplate of her 
> > helmet down and activates life support. She draws the pump pistol and
> > grabs the woman, "You want to open the door right now."
> > [/Alex]
> [GM]
> The woman looks blankly at Alex. "No." she says simply.
> [/GM]
> > [Talas]
> > Talas casts Breath without Air. Then waits to see what happens.
> > [/Talas]
> > [Koba]
> > Caught off guard again makes Koba realise why no one else ever takes 
> > off their armor. As the gas pours into the room, Koba ignores the 
> > woman and quickly looks for his pack of belongings. Rummaging through
> > them as quickly as possible, he searches for his gasmask to put on.
> > Hopefully, before the gas overtakes him. As soon as he gets it on, he
> > will concentrate and try to get a sense of the electronics in the
> > room and running through the walls. Hopfully something will stand out
> > to him as a control to either the vent or the door. If he has no
> > success with that, he will try to contain the vent and as much of the
> > gas as he can in a forcefield.
> > [/Koba]
> > [Talas]
> > Upon noticing Koba's sudden concern over the gas, Talas steps over to
> > him puts his hand on Koba's shoulder and casts Breath without air. 
> > "This might be of some help Mr. Koba."
> > [/Talas]
> [GM]
> Koba can't make much sense of the electronics. The force field, on the
> other hand, is more successful. There's still gas in the room, however.
> [/GM]
> > [Raven]
> > Raven did not have environmental armour or a sealed helmet! She held 
> > her breath for as long as she could and raised her gun to the woman, 
> > ready for fire.
> > [/Raven]
> [Carlos]
> Carlos puts on his helmet. He looks over to Raven. "Don't worry, we'll
> be out of here in a jiffy."
> [/Carlos]
> > [Lyle]
> > Lyle's rolls his eyes, this is going from bad to worse. He grabs his 
> > pack and pulls his mask just as Koba does the same. He feels like a 
> > fool for thinking he was safe on the sub, but up to this point he had
> > no reason to believe otherwise. When his mask is on, he unclips his 
> > pistol strap but keeps it holstered.
> > 
> > "Do not kill the crew members. They are being controlled. When get 
> > out, follow me."
> > [/Lyle]
> [Carlos]
> "We'll do our best." Carlos replies hesitantly. "But if its them or 
> us..." He doesn't finish his sentence.
> [/Carlos]
> > [Owen]
> > Deciding that standing around and waiting for the gas to affect the 
> > party is a less effective use of time, Owen will keep his gun trained
> > at the crew and move to open the door. "Lets get out of this room 
> > before the gas affects those of us without a gasmask."
> > [/Owen]
> > [Koba]
> > After Talas lays his hands on Koba, his anxiety subsides somewhat. 
> > Now that the crewmember threatening them has weapons trained on her, 
> > he can activley try to get the party out of the room. Seeing the 
> > cover beside the door which could house the electronics, Koba will 
> > open it and try to short circut the door to open.
> > [/Koba]
> [GM]
> This room was never designed to be a prison cell, and it proves 
> relatively easy to shortcircuit the very basic electronic lock.
> The door slides open revealing the cramped passage. There is an eery 
> silence.
> "But you have to wait for the Captain." the crew member says weakly, 
> then simply falls in behind the others.
> Suddenly the deck trembles, and the sub dips towards the stern. 
> Standing is impossible and everyone tumbles towards the next hatch. No 
> one is seriously injured, but there are still a few bruises. The 
> submarine seems to be diving. The hull can be heard moaning as the 
> outside pressure builds.
> [/GM]
> [Carlos]
> "Alright, Lyle." Carlos says, trying to right himself. "Where are we 
> going?"
> [/Carlos]
> [GM]
> Suddenly a female voice comes over the loudspeaker. "This is your 
> Control. Repeat. This is Control. Report any crew not yet 
> assimilated. Prepare for boarding."
> "I must report." the young crew member says.
> [/GM]
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> Aaron Clausen
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