[Taocow PBEM] [Everyone Back Together] Book 3 - Chapter V - England

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Justin's second missile screams towards the rift, and then, with a movement so fast, it seems like lightning, a hand, an arm and part of a shoulder are out and the hand strikes at the missile [Strike: 32], knocking it astray and striking the ground a few feet from the rift [Damage: 30MDC].  The missile's blast hits Justin, Ted and Arsendel, as well some of the injured soldiers, probably killing some of them.

The rift is closing quickly [Strike against demon: 15], but the creature is able to leap out [Dodge: 27].  A mere moment later, there is, standing there, a fourteen foot tall red-skinned creature with wings, horns on its head and a mouth full pointed fangs [Horror Factor: 12, see attached image].

Carlos, Koba and Owen [Save vs. HF: 2, 6 and 7] are overtaken by the sight of this thing, but the others, including Lady Frost, Alex and Louissa, who can see it appear, are, while obviously taken aback, maintain their composure.

The thing looks over at Arsendel, who is lying face down on the ground.  For the first time everyone notices an iron ring on the elf's finger, the glowing from it fading.

In a voice somewhere between a loudspeaker and someone dragging their fingernails across a chalkboard, the creature speaks.  "My summoning is incomplete.  The wielder has left me without instruction.  Without purpose, I destroy."

With that it marches towards Justin.  "I'll start with the d'zalka..." it says.

[Lady Frost]
She didn't need to be a great tactician to know what Alex was thinking.  Find cover.  Spinning and heading for the rough location she last saw the scout, she noticed the demon advancing on an armored man.
"Hey Alex.  Safe to assume that red thing is not on our side?"
She finished her sprint over to her friend, smiling faintly at Louissa  "Nice to see you made it.  Bet you're really sorry you left home now."
Glancing up from behind the trio's cover, she made a quick assessment of the mess.  One demon, one ape-jet, and a large number of people she had no idea about.
Still, big red things from a rift tended to mean bad things from what everyone had told her.  Then again, she wasn't from here either.  Maybe this was someone's idea of calling for help.
She looked back to the other women.   "You sure that's not just a really ugly ally?"
[/Lady Frost]
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