[Taocow PBEM] [Alex and Louissa] Book 3 - Chapter V - England

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Fri Feb 18 20:55:24 GMT 2011

>> [GM]
>> The dagger seems to send what would almost seem to be a chuckle... an 
>> odd enough thing for a disembodied spirit that isn't even sure what 
>> it was when it was alive.  *Call me what you will.* it says.  *I have 
>> no name of my own, not anymore.*
>> The dagger extends Alex's abilities, allowing her to gain some 
>> knowledge of whatever is pursuing them, despite not being able to see 
>> it.  It is of low experience, there is no magic, there are psychic 
>> abilities, a low base of PPE, no possessing entity and a definite 
>> aberration of some kind; suggesting a mutant or non-human or 
>> something along those lines.
>> [/GM]

> [Alex]
> Alex's thoughts are that she will come up with a name a bit later. 
> Taping on her companion',s shoulder, Alex will turn in the direction 
> of the individual, "Reveal yourself."
> Her Juicer Rifle rifle will be ready to fire.
> [/Alex]

Louissa raises her energy energy rifle as well, finger on the trigger.  
The aristocratic young lady looks much more the part of the adventurer now.

Suddenly a creature leaps out of the grass, part lion, part goat and 
part dragon.

Monster in the grass
It has a band of some sort of strange, greyish organic hump atop its 
head, with a third rather odd looking eye embedded in the tissue.
Extra Eye
Its teeth and the fur around its mouth are covered in blood, but it 
doesn't seem all that satiated as it jumps at Alex.

Alex - 25
Monster - 17
Louissa - 14

Alex doesn't recognize the type of creature it is, but fires [Strike: 13].

The burst hits the creature [Damage: 60MD], and the creature bends and 
twists in mid-air, dropping to the ground.  It is clearly injured, with 
smouldering fur revealing scorched skin.  It roars in pain and then lets 
loose at Alex with fiery breath from its mouth [Strike: Natural 20]

Alex attempts to dodge the fire attack [Dodge: 26], but is unable to.  
The hot fiery breath strikes her [Damage: 16MD].

Louissa wastes no time in firing at the creature herself [Strike: 19] 
with her TX-45.  Her shot hits square in the side [Damage: 34MD], doing 
even more severe damage.  Much of its side is scorched with spots of fur 

The creature roars in pain and then makes as if to go off before it 
sinks to its haunches, and then purs like a kitten, though the strange 
eye in its forehead still moves about furiously, almost as if its 
recording Alex and Louissa's images.

"Let's get out of here before its owner comes along." Louissa suggests.

It's then that the two women hear what can only be described as a baby 
crying, somewhere nearby in the burning ruins of the village.

Aaron Clausen

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