[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter VI - Down Another Rabbit Hole

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Tue Jul 19 19:34:55 UTC 2011

>>> [Justin]
>>> "If you're human, there's not many places that are scarier. My
>>> family has a consulate there, but mostly to act as a channel for
>>> diplomatic protests. We really don't like each other much, but
>>> there's a healthy, wary respect on both sides. In Atlantis,
>>> there are only three things that are illegal to buy or sell.
>>> Anything relating to killing dragons, dragon body parts, and
>>> Splugorth state secrets. Everything else is for sale by someone,
>>> sooner or later, and never forget the place is run for demons by
>>> things that are worse than demons. As for what they want, it
>>> could be anything from one of you escaping the slave pens to one
>>> of you having something someone wants badly. Might not even be
>>> you, could be just a major slave raid out there."
>>> [/Justin]

>> [Louissa]
>> Louissa looks at Justin with great curiosity. "Some time you're
>> going to have to tell us about your family. The closest we've
>> gotten to diplomatic relations is rail gun fire."
>> [/Louissa]

> [Justin]
> "It's mostly a matter of mutually assured destruction. My
> great-great-great-grandfather created the most powerful runic
> artifact array in history. The thing is sentient, and it's the next
> best thing to the mainframe reality runs on. If it came down to a
> fight to the finish, the likely end result is my entire family dead
> due to sheer numbers of Splugorth forces, and nobody would ever be
> able to find a trace of the dimensions the Splugorth controlled. Way
> too costly all around. So we mostly glare at each other across
> bargaining tables, though the odd individuals will take each other
> out from time to time. Speaking of which, I owe Splynncryth a very
> bad day in the near future."
> [/Justin]

Louissa laughs grimly.  "If there are still Splugorth minions out there, 
you may get your chance."


>> [GM]
>> The young dwarf bows slightly. "Very well, I and my father must
>> go. The outer door will open in one half hour, which will give time
>> for the gate to power down."
>> With that he walks back towards the gate, where he and his father
>> confer for a moment. Then the older dwarf turns, looks at the
>> company and the knights of New Camelot, shakes his head and walks
>> through the milky white field between the arch. There is a faint
>> ripple as he passes through, as if he were walking into water. The
>> younger dwarf follows immediately behind him.
>> The gate seems to glow brightly for a moment, the milker white
>> becoming much more intense before beginning to fade.
>> One of the knight shouts to his men. "Alright, let's be about it
>> then. Pack your gear, fix up proper stretchers for the wounded, and
>> let's be ready. Half an hour. Make sure your guns have got fresh
>> e-clips. We don't know what's waiting for us."
>> [/GM]

> [Justin]
> "I'll be able to lead you to where Sir Osiris fell. My dogs can tow
> a travois or two, if you can rig them up."
> [/Justin]

The knight nods his agreement and orders one of his men to prepare a 
couple of stretchers.

>> [Owen]
>> Owen looks around. "Did anybody notice where Ted went? We should
>> find him now. Half an hour isn't a long time."
>> [/Owen]

> [Justin]
> "I saw him head down one of the tunnels." Justin points it out.
> [/Justin]

Owen's face goes blank for a moment.  Then he pulls out his gun.  "Ted 
needs our help."  He starts moving towards where Justin last saw Ted.

Aaron Clausen

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