[Taocow PBEM] [Everyone but Alex and Louissa] Book 3 - Chapter V - England REPOST

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Thu Mar 24 23:07:58 UTC 2011

>> [GM]
>> The knight, Sir Burton, sits up straight, looking stunned. "No,
>> you don't un..."
>> With that the company sees the flash of laser fire coming from the
>> south. There's a cry of pain and they hear someone fall to the
>> ground.
>> Quite suddenly everything explodes into action. Probably around
>> twenty black figures, looking not unlike ninjas, explode out of
>> the underbrush or leap from the trees. With impressive speed
>> they're energy rifles are out and aimed in the direction of the
>> weapons fire. Meanwhile, the riders leap off their horses and kick
>> them to make them flee back into the woods, or at least out of the
>> line of fire.

A few moments later there is another shot fired from the same location 
as the first shot, this time it looks like it hits something out in the 
tall grass.
>> [/GM]

Justin - 34
Ninjas (as a group) - 22
Alex - 21
Carlos - 20
Knights (as a group) - 18
Osiris - 13
Owen - 9
Ted - 8 (toin coss winner)
Koba - 8

> [Justin]
> Justin, primed for action by Ted's warning, is unsurprised, and snaps
> into action at the first laser flash. He hits the tongue switch in
> his helmet for thermal overlay, as he spins, sharpshooter quickdraws
> his particle beam cannon, and puts several blasts into the heat
> source nearest where the enemy shots came from [Strike: 20 not natural].
> [/Justin]

Justin's first blast narrowly misses the target as it flings itself out 
of the way [Dodge: 26].  The heat signature all but disappears.

Despite his lameness, Osiris tries [Strike: 19] to knock the gun out of 
Justin's hands [Dodge: 31].  Osiris does not manage to but shouts "Hold 
your fire, boy!  That could be..."

Osiris does not finish the sentence.

>> [GM]
>> Within moments [OOC: a melee] at least nine guns are already aimed
>> to the south. Several of the black figures disappear into the
>> grass again, though there is the faint suggestion of movement
>> southward.
>> The Knight looks at Justin and Osiris. "I think you have not been
>> completely forthcoming with me. I was distracted by the Splugorth
>> attack, but should have seen the signs of secret conversation. Best
>> tell me whether that shot was from one of yours now, or if my men
>> find it on their own, it will go badly for all of you."
>> While several guns are pointed to the south, a number are pointed
>> at the company as well.
>> [/GM]

> [Koba]
> "Woh, I am not here to start a fight." He exclaims as he moves his
> hands away from his weapons. At the first sign that the knights may
> not believe him or take a shot at them, Koba will activate his aura
> and move to cover behind the nearest tree.
> [/Koba]

The knights do not seem ready to attack, or rather, they're obviously 
ready, but are unsure of the situation and will not open fire.

> [Owen]
> Since none of the black figures attaked him directly, Owen will
> continue to hold the fireball at the ready, still watching to see
> the outcome of the current exchange.
> "You were not to forthcoming with us, as well. Do you often send your
> men in secret to surround others and expect them to not react?"
> [/Owen]

[Sir Burton - the lead knight]
Sir Burton looks at Koba and Owen angrily.  "I'll take that and the 
Cyberknight's near outburst as confirmation that whoever is firing on us 
is one of yours.  And we had no intentions of surrounding your party, we 
were on our way to deal with the Splugorth minions."

He looks to Justin.  "I thank you for your assistance, though your 
companions may not."

He looks to the rest of the party.  "Now signal your companion to lower 
his weapon and stand up with hands in the air.  Any tricks and I may 
lose what little composure I have left.  And all of you, keep your 
weapons where I can see them."
[/Sir Burton]

Aaron Clausen

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