[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter V

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The company makes their way out of the tunnel and to the surface. Though 
Alex and Lady Frost have seen the sight above, the others have not.  The 
forest has literally engulfed the land all about, and the grassy plain 
where they had fought the Splugorth minions a few hours before is 
nowhere to be seen.  It is night now, and off in the distance can be 
heard a strange, almost angry buzzing.

[Father Montessoro]
The Wolfen priest listens for a moment, and then says urgently to 
everyone else, "We must be on our way before the sun sets, or we shall 
be attacked.  Pay your last respects to your comrade." he says, pointing 
to a mound in the distance, that has a white cross atop it.
[/Father Montessoro]

As the company approaches the mound they can see written on it "EQUES 

With the Father's urging they press on, making for the grassy plain that 
must lay somewhere ahead.  It is a full ten minutes before they reach 
it.  Here and there they can still see smoldering wreckage of the 
Kittani aircraft, and other vast scorch marks.  Fires burn off in the 
distance, and, as the sun sets, they can see a vast column of smoke from 
several miles to the west.

The knights are aghast.  "They're burning towns.  Those filthy Splugorth 
are burning towns."

One of them turns to the company.  "We must hasten northward to New 
Camelot.  Will you come to be judged.  We shall speak in your defense 
and tell how you fought the Splugorth?  You have among you a noble from 
across the Ocean.  We can also tend to your injured."

He points to the elf, Arsandel, who shivers violently after the loss of 
his arm, and to Lieutenant Etta Alma, the pilot of the submarine that 
had brought them to England, who has yet to regain consciousness.

"We will not prevent you from going your way." he says. "Indeed we could 
not.  But it is the law of our land that those who walk in it seek the 
leave of the King or His lords."

"I've said my piece." Louissa says.  "I think we should head for New 
Camelot.  Alex can plead her case, and the Ambassador of my kingdom will 
speak in her behalf.  Then we can find some rest, resupply and figure 
out what to do next."

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