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Vesper looks over the blind warrior woman seeing if she has any weapons or communication devices.
He also takes the time to inspect the barge and slaver. It's the first time he had been able to get so close
without being a potential slave or target of such a thing.
Vesper then wrote in the snow to OZ - Be Wary she may be a plant -

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[Blind Warrior Woman]
> The woman nods. "I... do no... how you say it... I do no problem for you and Tree people.."
> She grimaces, clearly in considerable pain.
[/Blind Warrior Woman]

Oz nods and gets on the radio to his sergeant. "I need an APC at my
location, ASAP. Send a medic along."

> The soldiers nod, but look very edgy. "Aye, sir, we'll hold our fire, but these woman are damned dangerous." None of them lower their weapons.

Oz nods approvingly at the men's wariness.

> As they talk to the wounded Splugorth minion, the snow begins to fall again. The temperature seems to drop three or four degrees in a matter of a minute or two, and though it's still a number of hours until dusk, the clouds are becoming darker and beginning to drop. Only the light of the ley line nexus offers any illumination, far greater than the cloud-hidden sun.

"Transport's on the way. We'll get her and that other stuff loaded up
then back to shelter." Oz nods at the warrior woman. "Do you have a
name, miss? It will make things less confusing if we have something we
can call you. I'm Oz."
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