[Taocow PBEM] [Ted, Alex, Louissa, Jacek the Borg and Co.] Book 3 - Chapter XIII - The Millennium Druids

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"I am not too worried about my family," the red haired scout responds. 
"Chi-Town might be different, they are kind of nuts up there, but Lone 
Star tends to be more pragmatic. They don't for example take a runaway 
Psi-Hound on her other pack mates."

"What you do from here is up to you," she continues. "Not as if even 
getting home is not fraught with its own dangers. Transport between the 
New German Republic and the Coalition is done with high altitude 
aircraft that travel really fast."

"As I said, I cannot go home so wherever I am needs to be home. I would 
offer to be your guard but doubt I could do that job for that long. I am 
decent at fighting but I am far more of a ranger than a guard or 
soldier. Don't know where I might go from here."

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> [Louissa]
> Louissa tries to smile. "You're problems are LOT bigger than mine."
> she says. "I knew you were a Coalition soldier, but never thought
> about your family."
> Louissa looks to her companions. "Ted knows something of why I don't
> want to go back. But you have to promise you won't say anything to Oz,
> because he's a knight of New Camelot now and would be obligated to
> inform King Arr'thu."
> Louissa looks at Jacek the Borg as well, but he's walked away and is
> looking at the scenery.
> "You know I'm New Poughkeepsie nobility, right?" she says. "I'm an
> heir to a pretty big estate along the Hudson River called Fort Peters.
> Well, about two or three days before you guys showed up, my uncle had
> betrothed me to the King of New Poughkeepsie. The wedding is supposed
> to happen this spring. Yes, that's right, I'm supposed to be a queen
> in a few months. But what do queens do? Have little princes and
> princesses and never travel further than some sort of summer estate. I
> fled with your company because I wanted to see the world. Except our
> Ambassador at New Camelot has informed both my King and King Arr'thu
> that I'm in England, and orders will certainly be sent out soon to
> send me back."
> [/Louissa]

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