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Wed, 22 Jun 2005

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I am a chicken

I am back from my midwest and Pacific coast tour. Cities included Kansas City (MO), San Francisco and Seattle. I'd love to write more about my new job opportunity but sites streaming copies of this have decided to use my real name so it is probably not a good idea. I'll be back when I am safe or when I can find somewhere anonymous or when I am less excited about what is happening in my life. I have no book, music or fillum-related comments at this time.

Au revoir droogies!

Thu, 02 Jun 2005

02:09 [zork(~/nutella/Waffle)] cat InstantGratification.txt


No sooner do I complain about something than some kind soul fixes it. This is not an attitude that should receive positive reinforcement, but wow, that's what I call service!

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