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Thu, 31 Oct 2002

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ebook obsession

I might finally buy some ebook reader the form of the original rocket ebook reader. I've ruled out palm devices because of sccree size, franklin's ebookmen because, well, they suck, the zaurus will have to wait until I have $$$, and the gemstar/RCA ebooks are are so encumbered with DRM gar they have nearly killed the ebook reader market. The REB1100 can be tricked into loading free content but it also has a modem and Keys and ID's and nasty firmware updates. I'm now watching a bunch of items on ebay so maybe I'll have an ebook reader soon and can stop obsessing.

Wed, 30 Oct 2002

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Paper Grain

Nick, your points on grain are well taken. I hadn't even considered the effect grain would have when using consumer laser paper. The experience I have had is that most consumer laser paper is long grain. This is confimred by some research I did today. This is good news for the 4up binding I've been doing since the fold ends up being along the long edge of letter paper. I have bound a couple 2up books, including one I sent to Neale and those don't fold near as nice

I have a 4up version of canticle I'm binding for my sister and I might make one for myself. I still like he cheap and easy technique I'm using and the books seem to be pretty sturdy. The 700 page Vinge book I sewed into a Corn Flakes box has held up well and was fairly easy to read. My only complaint is that the margins are really small. But that's what I get for cramming the book into small pages. I have my eye on some bookbinding how-to books so I can learn the proper art of bookbinding, but sewing sections into cereal boxes is just lots of fun.

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