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Thu Jul 13 14:15:16 PDT 2000

13Jul2000 09:32PM (+0100) From [sneakums at eircom.net] sneakums [Paul J Collins]
> Mind you, Murphy's is really a Cork drink, and drinking Murphy's in
> Dublin is not a step to be undertaken lightly.  It's not a big seller,
> so the beer sits in the kegs too long.

Murphy's (and Beamish) used to be big sellers in London because
the Guinness there was almost invariably complete crap (I'm told
that part of the reason is that pups tried to use the CO2
delivery system used for other "beers").  The other two stouts
seemed to travel and keep well.  Eventually (a few years ago)
Guinness got their act together and pubs started keeping the
stuff much better (comparable to what I've drunk in Dublin).
I've drunk Beamish in Cork city and it wasn't particularly
different from anywhere else.

> It's also difficult to find people who can pull a pint of stout
> correctly.  Not that I could, but I know when it's being done right.

In Zeitgeist "correctly" = they get it in the container and fill
it as much as possible.  The wait before the top-up is purely to
prevent wastage.  Being mostly antipodean bar staff you don't
expect a shamrock drawn in the head (thank goodness).

> Death is too good for people who drink stout before it has settled.

Sometimes you just can't wait for the first sip.  On hot days I'll
order two, and knock back one to quench my thirst while I'm waiting
for the second to settle.  The second I can drink as beer.  In
Zeitgeist you just buy by the pitcher (gasps of horror from the
"true stout" drinkers) and the vessel reduces the waiting time
(two pitchers being the ideal).

...and no, I don't remember them stocking Murphy's at Zeitgeist
(however it is worth the trip for the (non-Nick) Bastard).


Bernard P. Murray, PhD
nutella at zork.net (Department of Desserts and Toppings, San Francisco, USA)

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