[free-sklyarov] Why is Sklyarov still in jail?

Peter pmasloch at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 4 04:53:10 PDT 2001

2 weeks without bail is not very long. Kevin Mitnik was sitting in
jail 4 1/2 years without bail or trail.

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Seth David Schoen (schoen at loyalty.org) writes:

> > Why doesn't
> > someone file a writ of habeas corpus in Federal court to get this
man out of
> > jail?
> "Too early" -- an experienced lawyer.

Really?  How's that?

> Nobody feels that the government has violated legal standards for a
> speedy and public trial yet.  Committed a monstrous injustice, yes.
> Made the U.S. look ridiculous and frightening to the rest of the
> world, sure.  Violated legal standards for procedural due process in
> criminal cases, no.

You're kidding, right?  You're telling me that it's *normal* for a
prisoner to be held *weeks* without a bail hearing?  Hs he even been

If I were arrested tomorrow, if I hadn't been arraigned and bail set
by 9 AM
Monday morning, rest assured that my attorney would be in court by
noon.  Why
is it OK for the Federal courts to violate the Sixth and Eighth

> > Why is he being denied bail?
> The bail hearing hasn't happened yet.
> Sklyarov is being treated, say attorneys, no worse than your typical
> Federal prisoner.

Then this country is in serious trouble when a prisoner can be held
for weeks
without a bail hearing.  If memory serves, even the Supreme Court has
on cases regarding how long one can be held without a hearing, and
under what
circumstances one can be held without bail.  This is an absolute

On the other hand, if it can be shown that the Government delay is
the charges against Sklyarov can be dismissed (Strunk v. US) - maybe
what this whole thing is about...

The FBI agents (who are named in the affidavit, by the way) should be
up on criminal charges - 18 USC 1983 comes to mind... they *knew*, or
have known, that Sklyarov had committed no crime while in this
country, and
they have a duty to the law to see that the law is upheld.  "Fidelity,
and Integrity", indeed.
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