[free-sklyarov] Newsweek Article (8/20 Issue)

Brooklyn Linux Solutions CEO ruben at mrbrklyn.com
Thu Aug 16 05:23:03 PDT 2001

> My real problem is not with cheerleading or being pleased with results
> but with the sort of expectation that is raised by your rhetoric,
> >I can smell the smoldering remains of these over
> >protective, under encrypted, stomping Rights companies now...
I'm glad someone else said this.  Demostrations and press aside,
we aren't even a blip on the publics conscousness yet, or their
congressional representitives.

NYC also have about 8 protests a day....I question that our extra one
is causing whole industries to burn assunder.  We have a lot of work in
front of us, and the demonstrations and stunts are only a very small part 
of that effort.


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