[free-sklyarov] _Alice_ read aloud

Will Janoschka wiljan at pobox.com
Fri Aug 24 21:58:00 PDT 2001

James S. Huggins said:
> The use of new fonts, new graphics, new cover art, etc., does not restore or
> transfer or grant a new copyright in the now public domain work.

> It does, however, create a new work.

>Peter Zelchenko (pete at suba.com) Chicago, Illinois claims:

>>I guess I would like to reiterate that this version of Alice is not
>>public domain but is a unique new work and copyrightable.
 Looks "like copyright misuse" to me.

>>Since my work can't easily be detached from Carroll's in this form,
>>my copyright gives me the right to control its use, but I keep it open.

 What part of copyright law allows him privilege of control after sale?
Note from the web:

     Peter Zelchenko is president and CTO of VolumeOne,
     a Chicago-based research and development company focusing
     on on-demand printing of books and electronic publishing.
     He has been involved in electronic and print media
     publishing and design for 25 years.

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