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Tue Sep 7 15:34:07 PDT 2004

Thanks to Lee Tien for the press release.  I'm still seriously
thinking of going; it looks like a round trip on JetBlue would be
about $200.

Note the witness list:

	Arthur C. Danto, A.D. Coleman, Jeffrey Douglas, Ben Laurie,
	Seth Finklestein [sic], Candida Royalle, Tristan Taormino,
	Charles Moser, Dov Hechtman, Leigha Fleming, and Susan Wright.


>Contact: Susan Wright, Spokesperson
>National Coalition for Sexual Freedom
>917.848.6544 or susanw at ncsfreedom.org
>Sex, Art & Politics Takes on John Ashcroft
>September 7, 2004 ? New York City ? The Communications Decency
>Act (CDA) trial date has been set for October 27-29, 2004, at the
>United States District Court in New York City. Plaintiffs Barbara
>Nitke and the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom are
>contesting the remaining CDA provisions allowing "local community
>standards" to be used to define obscenity on the Internet. These
>provisions were not the subject of the 1997 Supreme Court
>challenge, ACLU vs. Ashcroft.
>"The CDA allows one community to limit what the entire nation is
>allowed to discuss, to read or to view on the Internet," says
>John Wirenius, the attorney for the lawsuit. "That is
>unconstitutional because the First Amendment does not allow any
>one locality to impose its morality on the nation." For more
>information about the CDA lawsuit, go to: www.ncsfreedom.org
>Expert witnesses who will be called and cross-examined include
>Arthur C. Danto, A.D. Coleman, Jeffrey Douglas, Ben Laurie, Seth
>Finklestein, Candida Royalle, Tristan Taormino, Charles Moser,
>Dov Hechtman, Leigha Fleming, and Susan Wright. Their testimony
>will cover the technological impossibility of complying with the
>CDA; the artistic and social importance of sexually explicit
>speech concerning alternative sexual practices; and the chilling
>affect the CDA has had on artists and writers within the
>communities served by NCSF.
>Plaintiff Barbara Nitke (www.barbaranitke.com) will be making
>appearances in San Francisco in September for an exhibition of
>her work, slide show talks, book signings and benefits to raise
>funds for the CDA lawsuit expenses. Mark I. Chester and Dr. Carol
>Queen's Center for Sex and Culture are sponsoring "Sex, Art &
>Politics," the series of events on radical sex photography and
>artistic freedom to coincide with the Folsom Street Fair. For
>more information on these events, see the calendar below.
>Barbara Nitke is president of the prestigious Camera Club of New
>York, on the faculty of the School of Visual Arts in New York,
>and author of a book of fine art photographs, Kiss of Fire
>(Kehrer Verlag 2003). National Coalition for Sexual Freedom
>(NCSF) is a national organization committed to protecting freedom
>of sexual expression among consenting adults.
>For additional information, requests for interviews, and
>publishable press photos contact Susan Wright, Spokesperson for
>NCSF 917.848.6544, or Barbara Nitke at NitkeMedia at aol.com
>Calendar of September Events in San Francisco with Barbara Nitke:
>Sat. Sept. 18th - 8pm-midnight ? "Opening Party for Sex, Art &
>Politics" Radical sex photography including Barbara Nitke's
>loving SM photographs, book signing, and entertainment. Suggested
>donation $5-10+. Mark I. Chester studio, 1229 Folsom St./SF
>Sun Sept. 19th - 2-4pm - "A Romantic View of SM" Barbara Nitke's
>slide show talk and discussion of the CDA lawsuit. $15 for the
>general public. $5 for members of Janus and reciprocal leather
>Sun Sept. 19th - 7-10pm - House party benefit for the CDA lawsuit
>sponsored by Mark I. Chester, Dr. Carol Queen and NCSF at a
>private location. 100% of proceeds will benefit the CDA lawsuit.
>Space is limited so please call 415-255-1155 or
>mail at carolqueen.com for an invite.
>Tues, Sept. 21st - 8-10pm - Book signing by Barbara Nitke for her
>book of loving SM photographs, Kiss of Fire. Good Vibrations, 603
>Valencia St., at 17th St./SF
>Wed, Sept. 22nd - 7-10pm ? "Sex, Art & Politics Community
>Benefit" Co-sponsored by Mark I. Chester and the Center for Sex
>and Culture, with Charles Gatewood, Fakir Musafar, Phyllis
>Christopher, Michael Blue/Midori and Shilo McCabe. Suggested
>donation $10-$20+ with proceeds benefiting the CDA lawsuit. SF
>Citadel, 245 8th St/SF
>Sat/Sun, Sept 25/26th-noon-6pm - Mark I. Chester will take a FREE
>digital portrait of anyone who visits his studio to see the
>radical sex photographs on display.  Sun. 9/26, the show will be
>open during the Folsom St. Fair. Mark I Chester studio, 1229
>Folsom St./SF
>For further information regarding the above events, please check
>the Calendar of Special Events on: http://mchester.best.vwh.net
>or call Mark at 415-621-6294. Center for Sex and Culture
>A project of NCSF
>The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom is a national
>organization committed to creating a political, legal, and social
>environment in the United States that advances equal rights of
>consenting adults who practice forms of alternative sexual
>expression. NCSF is primarily focused on the rights of consenting
>adults in the SM-leather-fetish, swing, and polyamory
>communities, who often face discrimination because of their
>sexual expression.
>National Coalition for Sexual Freedom
>822 Guilford Avenue, Box 127
>Baltimore, MD 21202-3707
>media at ncsfreedom.org

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