[Seth-Trips] LUNCHTIME LIBERTIES * May 19: "Internet Privacy in the Workplace"

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Tue May 10 23:29:55 PDT 2005

I'm going to be speaking about some employment topics that are not really
my specialty but are pretty interesting.  This is next week in the
South of Market.

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Hey pals of Indy Arts & Media -- we have a new third Thursday lunchtime lecture series happening at the new CounterPULSE space (1310 Mission St x 9th St.). The topic in general is rights and liberties in wartime America. 

We debut on May 19 w/ a conversation about "Electronic Privacy in the Workplace" ... if you find this topic worthy, please spread the word, and RSVP if you want to make the scene. 


  LUNCHTIME LIBERTIES * A Forum for Dialog and Ideas 
  <http://artsandmedia.net/> * Independent Arts & Media

Coming up May 19, Independent Arts & Media presents ... 

"KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Internet Privacy in the Workplace" 

   A conversation led by Seth Schoen 
   Chief Technologist, Electronic Frontier Foundation

   THURSDAY, MAY 19, 2005
   12 noon * Bring your lunch!
   CounterPULSE, 1310 Mission Street (x 9th St.), SF
   FREE ($3 donation requested by CounterPULSE)
   RSVP -- space is limited!:
   Reply to this email or send a note to: diy @ artsandmedia . net

   -- If you write a personal email at work, who owns the words? 
   -- If you browse the Internet during your lunch hour, who's 
      tracking your online travels? 
   -- If you write about your job in a personal online journal or 
      blog, can your thoughts be held against you? 
   Join Seth Schoen of the Electronic Frontier Foundation for a 
   brown-bag lunch and discussion of electronic and Internet 
   privacy in today's wired workplace.

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   Independent Arts & Media is excited to debut a monthly dialog 
   series at the new CounterPULSE space in San Francisco. It's called
   "Lunchtime Liberties," a participatory forum for learning about -- 
   and defending -- your civil rights. 

   Every third Thursday we'll be featuring a different guest speaker 
   on diverse issues of liberty and freedom in wartime America. Bring 
   your brown-bag lunch and a handful of burning questions, and join 
   the conversation! 

   To stay up to date on future dialog events from IAM, subscribe
   to our free newsletter: 

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