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I can't go, but I bet this will be fun.  Reservations are at


Note that it's actually MGM v. Grokster because MGM is the petitioner
because they lost in both courts below.

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The Heather Gold show
This week: Friday, May 20.

Inspired by my Shabbat Salons, I bring cool people and the audience
together for fun and substnative conversation.

This month's theme is My Favourite Things (I'm sticking with my Canadian
spelling roots) and my guests will be ardent music attorney + activist Fred
von Lohmann (fresh from his US Supreme Court supporting appearance in
Grokster vs. MGM).

Death penalty appealer by day and incredibly smart comic by night Aundree
the Wonderwoman and my future mother-in-law Diane Massignan in town from
Bay City Michigan, a collector of monkeys.

There's one more workshop of the HG Show before we open for real. The last
one was packed and a really wonderful experience.

This Friday, May 20 at 8 pm at the SF JCC (3200 California Street).
Reservations are necessary (due to limited seating) and the seats are free.

Reserve a seat:


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