[Seth-Trips] California Desert Trip

Praveen Sinha ampere at swcp.com
Tue May 17 12:28:06 PDT 2005

Hey all,

So a couple of sethonaughts (namely, myself and Dorien), are planning
a trip to the desert THIS week.  Sorry for the late notice, but we
hope that some of you can make it.  Details are still kind of sketchy
but we hope to work it out mostly by tomorrow or so :).

When:  We head out sometime thursday (possibly morning possibly evening),
come back by friday evening or, possibly saturday evening (we have quasi
commitments over the weekend, but if we are feeling extra-evil...)

Where: Also being solidified... Possible targets are:  
   The Grand Canyon (12 hours), Death Valley, the Desert outside of BRC,
   or maybe from this list:  http://www.californiadesert.gov/places.php

What to bring: yourself, a road trip attitude, your favorite tunes,
  sleeping bag/tent, and food/water... If enough ppl show, then 
  perhaps a donation to split the cost of a car rental.
  Summer is in full swing, so remember it will be HOT! :)
Write back or call 650 714 9262 if you are in!  Hope to see you!



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