[Taocow PBEM] Chapter II - Of War and Prophecy

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> [Alex]
> Alex does not know why but she quickly writes down the name of 'Temple
> of Rath-iren' although she does not really know why. Clearly seen in
> her  eyes are tears. Her hands shake as she goes to touch his face and
> closes his eyes slowly. She brushes his hair away away from his
> forehead and kisses him on the forehead. Her tears drip down onto him.
> She sobs, "So far and so much fighting and we lose him."
> [/Alex]

> [Arden]
> Seeing a kindred spirit weep over a lost companion brings back part
> of his own broken past, and he sheds a tear. In elvish, he says, "To
> the mothers and fathers you go, sir. Peace upon you." He looks at
> Alex with empathy and sympathy in his eyes. To her, he says, "Not
> lost. I'm not certain whom he might have been, but he was important,
> I can tell by your reaction..." He seems to grope in his mind for the
> right words... "and those most important never die. They live on in
> memories. He lives on in you." With that, he moves over to his gear,
> trying to hide his own pain, unsure what to do about it.
> Almost to himself, he mutters, "Save them all."
> [/Arden]

> [Alex]
> Alex does not know what Arden says when he speaks in elven and just
> looks at him curiously. Assuming that he switches to American when he
> speaks to her, she replies "I did not know him very long but I have
> lost  too many team mates. The scout team I was assigned to when I
> served in  the Coalition was slaughter by the Xiticix.
> [/Alex]

> [Arden]
> With a look of sadness on his face, he nods in understanding.  Not
> really wanted to speak of the past yet, he stands and extends his
> hand to help Alex to her feet. "We can only push on, madame. We must
> make all that has been lost worth it."
> [/Arden]

> [Osiris]
> Standing over the old man's body as the Medic looks up and says to his
> group of friends that St. Pierre didn't make it, Osiris eyes looks
> down and rests upon the old geezer's body. A gentle smile appears on
> his lips as he kneels down and closes the man's eyes, "You're going to
> a better place now St. Pierre, may the lord grant you peace and let
> your soul be at rest."
> Putting one of his hands on his chest, the young knight gives the old
> man a traditional Cyberknight salute before turning to the others.
> "Well I guess he is off to a better place now leaving us to continue
> what we started."
> He gives each member a warm and friendly smile as he walks towards
> Bongo and Kyle.  "Well we have fought monsters from the abyss,
> crawled through sewers, opened up a rift, picked a fight with the CS
> and now look where we landed... back in time!!! I think its either
> time for a beer or a nap.  But before that lets go see the Captain of
> the ship and see where we are headed."
> As he walks past the elf that seems to be rather friendly with Alex,
> he nods and smiles.
> [/Osiris]

As the rest of the company grieves over their loss, and try to come to
grips with where they are, the tattooed man, Phaeton, catches up with
Lady Frost as she makes her way to the bridge.  Behind them follows

On the bridge, a rather cramped room filled with a good deal of
electronics; radar, sonar, navigational equipment and heaven knows what
else stands a short, red-haired, red-bearded man with an eye patch over
his left eye, and a kilt worn over gleaming body armor.

The man is intently peering into some sensor system, when Phaeton
clears his throat.  "Captain, she is here now."

The captain turns, and his one eye widens in wonder.  "'Tis you." he
says in a thick Scottish accent.  "By the screams of Corgarff, 'tis the
Lady Frost herself."

The man bows low, "I am Angus Mackenzie, captain of the SS Vagabond.  We
were told that ye would be coming, with six others.  I have just heard
that one yer companions passed away, and I offer my condolences.  Bless
me, but that some prophecies do come true!"

For a moment he stares at Lady Frost, and for a moment, she and Osiris
catch what almost looks like a glint of fear in that one eye, but it is
soon displaced by a wide smile.  "Ye must need rest and refreshment."
he says.  "I apologize, but as ye must surely know, there have been
troubles.  Ye shall have yer quarters, and then join me in a feast, a
celebration to friends past, and to a future to be had!  I trust ye
and all those with ye can come."

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