Franz Kafka: Parables and Paradoxes

This is the second, very-long-overdue incarnation of the first website I cut my web-design teeth on: a tribute to the short fiction of Franz Kafka. At the time--that is, 1996--it was one of the few sites featuring his work on the web, and one of the fewer sites that had English translations of said works. Happily, this is no longer the case.

During the design process, I found myself Googling around to see if any of the other Kafka websites I'd linked to were still active. Most have disappeared; a few live on under different names or at different URLs. But none of them quite cover the material I'd tossed up years ago in a fit of insomnia, and the book itself has been out of print for some time...

Given those circumstances, it was obvious that the site needed to be renewed. But as a copyright-conscious designer, I have no desire to step on anyone's toes. If you enjoy the works I've posted here, I encourage you to track down your own copy of Parables and Paradoxes via Amazon or Alibris, or write to Schocken Books, the primary publishers of Kafka's work, and ask them to print a new edition.

On the subject of papers: When I first put up the site I received many, many emails asking me for help with Kafka-related school papers. I'm sure that now I've revived the site...and my contact information...I'll be getting more mail like that. But my position on that is one of the few things that hasn't changed. I can't help you with your Kafka paper. Let me repeat...

I Can't Help You With Your Kafka Paper.

I'm not a Kafka scholar, and I don't even play one on television. I'm a graphic designer who loves Kafka. That's all. So please don't write me asking for help; I won't answer. (Any other comments are welcome, of course.) You may, however, want to check the links page, where I've included a few sites that cater to students in need.

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