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The Kafka Project

The clearinghouse for Kafka information on the web. Biography, articles, essays, some works (mostly in German, with translations into English, Italian, Russian, and a few others), and nearly anything else you might possibly need.

Franz Kafka: Biography, Pictures, Photo Album

Many pictures of Kafka and his family. Very image-heavy, so the page may be slow to load on a dial-up connection.

Franz Kafka: Das Schloss, at The Modern Word

Translations of Selected Shorter Writings

"The Great Wall of China," "The Metamorphosis," "In the Penal Colony," and many others. These new translations come to us courtesy of Ian Johnston, from Malaspina University, Nanaimo, British Columbia.

The Dutch Franz Kafka Circle

One of the longest-lived sites devoted to the study of Kafka. In English and Dutch.

Josef K's Castle

Includes a link to the site author's master's thesis on Kafka.


Franz Kafka and Libertarian Socialism

On Kafka's Trail (Literary Traveler)

Franz Kafka's Prague: A Literary Walking Tour

Kafka and Judaism

Brentano and Kafka

Link is to an HTML abstract of the article, which can be downloaded in .PDF format.

Existentialism and Kafka

(includes a discussion board)

Schocken and Kafka

A bit of backstory on how Kafka's unpublished work was preserved from posthumous destruction.

For Students

ClassicNotes: Franz Kafka

Cliffs Notes by any other name would smell as sweet to one looking for help on a paper. They have free information and analysis for all aspects of "The Hunger Artist," "Amerika," and "The Metamorphosis".

Franz Kafka at LittleBlueLight

Study guides on "The Metamorphosis," "The Castle," and "The Trial". A one-year membership (required to access study guide details) costs $6.99.

Franz Kafka: Study Resources

Not much solid material, but the booklist has good summaries of his work and suggestions on which are the most accessible for beginners.

Kafka in Print

Kafka at Amazon


Schocken Books

The original publisher of Kafka's work.


Kafka's Critics

A list of of Kafka critics, their relevant works, and brief summaries of the critics' positions.

Kafka (IMdB)

Jeremy Irons + Stephen Soderbergh = Box-office gold! Or not.

Nabokov on Kafka: The Metamorphosis (VHS)

Monterey Media actually sent me a review copy of this after I launched the first version of this site. I seem to remember it was pretty decent, though a bit dry. But it does star Christopher Plummer (AKA Captain von Trapp from "The Sound of Music") as Vladimir Nabokov, and that made me happy.

The Official Franz Kafka Fanlisting

Franz Kafka: Coffee Achiever?

Franz Kafka's Trivia Challenge

Not at all what it sounds like…but morbidly hilarious nonetheless.

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